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Advantage of performing marriage by Arya Samaj Rituals

Unnecessary Expenses :
You avoid unnecessary expenses. You earn your money with hard work. Many people waste their hard earned money, which they have made during the year, in a day just to show people that they are rich people. Some of them take loan and they remain under the curse of debt whole life, consequently they have to sell out their house, land and other properties, and they spend their rest of life in the rented house. Thus such marriages become a curse for people. If we invest this money in a good and appropriate manner, we can utilize this money in many of our good works. Many people kill the baby girls in the womb because of the fear of their marriage expenses in the future. This has resulted in male-female ratio misbalance. Because of heavy expenses many people are not able to get married and have to live an unmarried life. Come; let us fight this battle together.

Dowry :

Many people burn daughter-in-laws and kill them for dowry. Consequently, the family of bridegroom has to spend their whole life in prison. Thus both of the families live their lives in panic and the marriages which should be for the happy families turn to the reasons of sorrow. All the marriages which are conducted at Arya Samaj Mandir are totally prohibited from dowry systems because Arya Samaj is strictly against the dowry system. Thus you are always protected from this social evil.

Wine and Intoxications :

Generally in most of the marriages in our country people consume wine and take intoxications. This usually results in quarrelling, fighting and many times it the situation worsens to the extent that people use guns and shoot at each other. There were instances when the Bride and Bridegroom had to suffer injuries. We are sure that no one would appreciate these kinds of incidents on the auspicious occasions like marriage. At our Mandir consumption of wine and intoxications are totally prohibited. When you choose to perform your marriage at Arya Samaj Mandir, you save yourself from such non social incidents created by those drunkards. And thus your marriage is performed in perfect peaceful environment and you enjoy your auspicious day with great delight.

Unnecessary Hassle :

Marriages that are performed at Arya Samaj marriage Mandir, have limited invitees. We discourage big crowd in the marriage at Mandir. Thus you save yourselves from many unnecessary hassles like Tents, Band, Halwai, D.J. system, distribution of invitation cards, transportation for people, marketing etc.

Caste System :

If we desire true progress of our country, we need to work to alienate caste system from our society. As long as caste system prevails, people in our country will not experience and share true love with each other. Without true love we cannot become true human beings and if we are not true human beings, our nation will never make progress. We vote for a leader seeing his caste and not his ability and integrity. This is the reason that our nation has not been able to make desired progress so far. Caste system had made the roots of our nation shallow. Arya Samaj wdding has always opposed the caste system prevailed in the society. Therefore Arya Samaj encourages inter-caste marriages in order to alleviate this deep rooted social evil in the society.

Child Marriage :

According to our law child marriage is completely prohibited, which attracts punishment if the law is violated. At Arya Samaj Mandir we only perform marriages if the boy has attained the age of 21years and the girl has attained the age of 18 years. You save yourselves from this social evil like child marriage.

Certificate of Marriage :

In addition to the above, you are provided with a Certificate of Marriage which is very useful in the future. The certificate of marriage given by Arya Samaj Mandir is absolutely legally valid on the basis of which you are fully declared as Husband and wife. After securing Marriage Certificate, no one can harm you and even challenge your marriage in the court of law. If you wish, you can register your marriage on the basis of this certificate, in the Marriage Registrar office.

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