Marriage In Arya Samaj Mandir

Arya Samaj Marriage Procedure In Mandir

Marriage In Arya Samaj MandirArya Samaj Mandir is a place where weddings are solemnized according to the principles and rituals of Arya Samaj, a reformist movement founded by Swami Dayananda Saraswati in the 19th century. Arya Samaj promotes Vedic values and rejects some of the elaborate rituals and caste-based practices associated with traditional Hindu weddings. If you are considering getting married in an Arya Samaj Mandir, here is an overview of the process:

Marriage in arya samaj mandir

Application and Documentation: Couples interested in an Arya Samaj wedding need to approach the mandir with a formal application. They are typically required to submit documents such as birth certificates, proof of identity, and residence. We need some important documents to performing marriage like age proof, Matriculation certificate, passport, driving license, pan card, birth certificate by MCD or other recognize govt. office, voter I-card, ration card, college I-card, age certificate by C.M.O. Address Proof,Voter I-card, ration card, passport, driving license, bank passbook, phone or electricity bill. Domicile issued by proper govt office, voter I-card of father or mother, college I-card or service I-card with address proof, Rent agreement. Note

  1. Note: ( 1. Boys should be above 21 year and girl should be above 18 year )
  2. Counseling Session: Arya Samaj emphasizes the importance of understanding the commitment of marriage. Therefore, couples may be required to attend a counseling session where the principles of Arya Samaj and the responsibilities of married life are discussed.
  3. Choosing a Date: After the approval and counseling, the couple can choose a suitable date for the wedding ceremony. Arya Samaj weddings are often simple and may take place on the same day as the application, provided all requirements are met.
  4. Wedding Rituals: Arya Samaj weddings focus on Vedic rituals and chants. The ceremony typically includes the performance of ‘Havan’ (sacred fire ritual), chanting of Vedic mantras, and the exchange of vows in the presence of the sacred fire. The wedding vows emphasize equality, mutual respect, and commitment to a harmonious life.
  5. Legal Formalities: After the wedding ceremony, the mandir provides a marriage certificate, which is a legal document recognizing the marriage. It is advisable to register the marriage with the local authorities to ensure its legal validity.
  6. Post-Wedding Blessings: Arya Samaj believes in the sanctity of marriage, and post-wedding blessings and prayers may be offered to the newly married couple. This is a time for the couple to seek the guidance and blessings of a prosperous and blissful married life.

An Arya Samaj Mandir wedding is a straightforward and meaningful ceremony, focusing on the essential aspects of marriage as per Vedic traditions. It offers an alternative to elaborate and sometimes elaborate traditional Hindu weddings, emphasizing simplicity, equality, and spiritual values.

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