Procedure For Arya Samaj Marriage

Unveiling the Sacred Rituals: A Guide to Arya Samaj Marriage Procedure

In the vibrant tapestry of Indian traditions, Arya Samaj marriages hold a special place, embodying simplicity and spiritual sanctity. If you’re contemplating an Arya Samaj marriage, here’s a concise guide to navigate the sacred process.

  1. Preliminary Documentation: Arya Samaj Marriage Documents

Begin by gathering essential documents, including age proof, residence proof, identity proof, and passport-sized photographs of both partners. Ensure that all documents are in order to streamline the process. Read More

  1. Affidavit of Solemnization:

Visit the local notary to get an affidavit of solemnization of marriage prepared. This legal document attests that the marriage will be conducted under Arya Samaj rituals.

  1. Visit the Arya Samaj Mandir:

Choose a nearby Arya Samaj Mandir Burari for your wedding. Contact 8585988301 the Mandir beforehand to understand their specific requirements and procedures. Most Arya Samaj Mandirs follow a similar protocol.

  1. Meeting with the Priest:

Meet with the Arya Samaj priest (Harveer Shastri) to discuss the marriage ceremony details. The priest will guide you through the Vedic rituals and offer insights into the significance of each step.

  1. Yajna (Sacred Fire Ritual): Havan Kund

The Yajna, or sacred fire ritual, is central to Arya Samaj weddings. It symbolizes purity and serves as a witness to the marriage vows. The couple takes vows in the presence of the fire, pledging commitment and loyalty to each other.

arya samaj marriage procedure

  1. Exchange of Vows:

The bride and groom exchange Vedic verses as a symbolic expression of their promises and commitment. The priest guides them through each mantra, elucidating its spiritual meaning.

  1. Kanyadaan and Saptapadi:

In a poignant moment, the bride’s family performs the ‘Kanyadaan,’ symbolizing the giving away of their daughter. The couple then takes seven steps together, representing the seven vows of marriage (Saptapadi), promising mutual support and companionship.

  1. Issuance of Marriage Certificate:

Post the ceremony, the Arya Samaj Mandir provides a marriage certificate. This certificate holds legal validity and is crucial for official documentation. we provide marriage certificate just after the marriage to marriad couple

  1. Registration of Marriage: Arya Samaj Marriage

To legalize the marriage, register it with the appropriate authorities. Submit the marriage certificate along with the required documents at the local municipal office or marriage registrar.

  1. Post-Wedding Rituals:

Participate in any post-wedding rituals advised by the priest. These may include blessings, aarti, or further ceremonies to conclude the auspicious occasion.

Embarking on the journey of Arya Samaj marriage is a profound experience that blends tradition, spirituality, and commitment. By understanding the procedures and following the rituals with reverence, couples can ensure a harmonious and blessed union. May your Arya Samaj wedding be a celebration of love and shared values.

Contact Person- Pandit Ji-Harveer Shastri-8585988301, 9891065166


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